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Is there a Ubuntu alternative for this program?

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There is a whole Article on Wikipedia dedicated to the Problem.

Unfortunately, it seems there's currently no one solution that works well enough, but a massive list of projects that are underway.

You may want to rummage through the list of solutions to see if there's anything that fits your needs.


There's always the possibility to run Dragon Naturally Speaking using WINE. The Platypus Project is creating software to redirect Dragon's output to any Linux / X application, and they are very far along.

You should definitely take a look at this.

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You can install Chromium 11 version from the ppa ppa:chromium-daily/stable (How to add an PPA) and add --enable-speech-input to the end of the launcher.

enter image description here

Now visit this website and whoo! Speech-to-Text on ubuntu using html5.

I read here that if you speak slowly it will be more accurate.

enter image description here

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To expand on Alaukik's answer, there are apps built on top of chrome speech recognition capabilities.

I personally use Dictanote ( it is very similar to Dragon ). Here is a link to chrome app :

The site itself :

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There is a decent open source speech to text engine available:

freespeech-vr Homepage

freespeech-vr on Google Code

Note that it takes a bit of configuration, which is less polished than Dragon Naturally Speaking's configuration.

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FreeSpeech appears not to be maintained. It hasn't offered a ppa since Ubuntu 10. – JellicleCat Feb 20 '15 at 18:57

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