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We have been having repeated problems with our interent service and using windows xp & sp3 (users and premissions) I see no need for them. I started with computers long before windows. Every since sp 3 come out in 2009 I have had nothing but problems. I have lost so many computers to virius and trojans, we just stack them up. We are with Qwest/ Century link which is using advertising servers which I think is causing the problem. All the computers are networked together which is not how I set them up. I beleive Century link is networking them through assignment of a domain for our home. This causes all the computers to crash twice. This is getting expensive. We tried buying new harddrives but reinfect with hours of connecting to internet. I also beleive the modem, router and all computers are infected. I put combofix on this one and that is the only reason we are still online with this laptop. I am afraid to install new equipment because my partner and I are on SSDI and this cost a lot. I go to school at UOP and had to run off a flash and reboot this laptop to recovery every other day or so, this pass month.

New plan is: We are getting ready to install new equipment but afraid to reinfect again. Need help to install new equipment. The plan is to use current internet services from Qwest/ now Century Link.

The list of New equipment in order:

Century link wireless modem is ZyXEL PK5000Z with 4 direct connect Ethernet ports


Dell Optiplex 210L ( used auction purchase ) 2 gb ram 80 g hard drive Ubuntu 11.10 operating system

Next Wireless D-Link router WBR-1310 with 4 direct connect Ethernet ports

OK-------- Purchased Dell OEM disk for Repair or Reinstalling Windows XP Professional Operating system (2 roommates as well) All infected computers are Dell desktops or laptops with XP Pro Also purchasing Ubuntu 12.04 for 3 computers. We like the way it runs but still learning it.


1] How do we fdisk the infected computers without infecting new system. We have Dos disks, but none have floppy dish drive. We do have a new floppy disk drive and usb adapter we purchased from Amazon.

2] We are thinking Avast internet security because of the boot scan. We want all software loaded before reconnecting. We can manually load our internet provider information. We purchased StopZilla $100 for 5 computers, but not sure that is what we need.

But need how to setup ports security and services we will need. Really lost at this part. So we are safe when we go back on the internet.

3] Want to connect reloaded fdisk systems to router as public connection and no sharing. Do not want to network all computers.

4] Want parental/ ownership control from Ubuntu system for internet connection (Children and friends). Do we restrict at the modem and/ or router? Any help would be a blessing. I do not want to go alone on this anymore.

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Please, this site works best if you ask one question per post. –  Javier Rivera Jun 29 '12 at 13:54

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I can answer at least one of those questions: 1] How do we fdisk the infected computers without infecting new system. We have Dos disks, but none have floppy dish drive. We do have a new floppy disk drive and usb adapter we purchased from Amazon.

You won't need to use DOS. If you boot the live CD/USB of Ubuntu, it has fdisk built in. You will be able to use it by typing something like:

    sudo fdisk /dev/sda

The section "/dev/sda" may be different for your computer, but it should be easy to figure out. Just type:

    ls /dev/sd*

and it will list your disks and partitions.

Also, Ubuntu is free, so you won't need to purchase it. ;) Just download from http://www.ubuntu.com

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I understand that ubuntu is free. In order to download at present we have to load via the infected system. I also want to make sure I do not reinfect anything. Also I need to get the drivers too. We have reinfected this system 3 or 4 times. I did not know Unbuntu had fdisk built in though. that is good to know. THe CD/DVD for Ubuntu is not that expensive. We still have to decide on security and anti-virus. Want everything setup before we setup new modem, new (used)computer with Ubuntu 11.10, new router, and then cleaned reinstalled computers. –  user73988 Jun 29 '12 at 8:58

I hate to say this, but Windows XP is fairly stable. However, any OS needs external tools to be safe for Internet usage. For Winodws, the best free anti-virus tools (per Consumer Reports, May 2012) are, in order of preference: 1. Avira Free Antivirus 2. AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012 3. Avast Free Antivirus

For safe web browsing from any OS, use Firefox or Chrome, with several security add-ins:

  1. Noscript is the best one to start with, but it can be difficult to use. Non-technical users often don't know what to allow or block.
  2. RequestPolicy disables links on the current web page that try to connect to another domain. This has the same technical issue as Noscript.
  3. Ghostery blocks many ads and trackers
  4. Adblock Plus also blocks ads
  5. WOT puts red icons next to unsafe URLs (Internet links)

I have all 5 of those tools installed in Ubuntu, Win7 and Win XP. I wouldn't dream of connecting a computer to the Internet without all of them installed.

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