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How do I build Unity from source?

So one of the main reasons I migrated to Ubuntu 12.04 from Windows 7 was to be able to have more control over my system due to the flexibility and customizability of a Linux operating system. However, with Ubuntu I do not feel as if I am as in control as I can be. What I mean to say is, where are the source codes and everything for all of this that I can edit on my machine. For example, suppose I want to position my dock on the left to be on the right without wanting to install any new software. I simply want to see the GUI files and reposition it myself. How can I do that, if that's even possible?

Thank You!

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The source code for the default environment (Unity) can be found in the package unity. Install the source with apt-get source unity, the dependencies to build it with sudo apt-get build-dep unity and hack away.

This will let you position the launcher on the right, bottom, top, etc.

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