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I face problem in login to Ubuntu 12.04. I think it's caused by accessing super user (if not wrong). I type sudo nautilus to put a background to burg, but i fail x_x. After reboot, i can't login to desktop. But i can login as guest. I had 'googling' for problem solving. Most of it is login to screen like terminal (maybe tty console) by pressing ctrl+alt+F1. But after i login system says:

-bash: /usr/bin/byobu/-launch: no such file or directory

help help help :(

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Looks like byobu has added some broken code to your .profile file. Try booting into recovery mode to get a root shell. Once you're in a root shell, run the following commands to reset your .profile file back to default: (Replace all occurances of yourusername with your actual username)

cd /home/yourusername
mv .profile .profile.broken
cp /etc/skel/.profile ./
chown yourusername: .profile

Once done, test the change by running:

sudo -u yourusername -i

If that successfully gives you a bash prompt, the problem should be fixed. Run exit, then shutdown -r now to reboot the system.

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Thank a lot for the solving. My precise work back. But i do it not trought safe mode. I do it when i'm in login page. Then press ctrl+alt+F1. Login with my username and password. The last, i do what you advice. May God bless u. – zuhudfm Jun 30 '12 at 9:02
Ah, I got the impression you weren't able to log in even at the console due to that error. – geirha Jun 30 '12 at 9:04

I met the same problem, it is solved after I re-installed byobu. You can remove it use

sudo  byobu-launcher-uninstall

after you can login.

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