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So I've always wanted Ubuntu along with windows 7 and finally I went to try and make my computer that last night. (( I'll just skip the long story. ))

I loaded Ubuntu from CD, Version 12.04 and it loaded fine and then I clicked the install icon. It asked me witch option I would like to proceed with, and I answered Ubuntu, in Windows 7. So it did everything rather quickly, and restarted itself; upon restarting itself it ejected the CD, and I thought everything was good to go.

It brought me to the Option to either load Ubuntu or Windows, I was thinking to myself wow that was alot easier than I thought; Windows 7 Loads fine after it checked the HDD but when I go to load Ubuntu it brings me to the loading screen and then stays there for a long period time, finally moves on as if it was going to load into the regular dashboard, but loads into a dos looking thing.

(( I'm sorry if I sound retarded explaining everything I'm not great with computers ))

And at the very time it says something like installation failed. It also says it could not find a file or something like that. If you need me to go back and get the full message and put it up here I will. But if I put the CD in it loads fine.

Thanks in advance for everyone that helps me solve this problem.

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Yes, please edit your answer with the exact error you receive. Please use the code tag "<$>" button in the editor to make it more readable. – reverendj1 Jun 29 '12 at 14:12

As you are new with Ubuntu, then I think Wubi is the best option for you. Just run your Ubuntu CD inside windows. If you auto play that CD, you'll find a option 'Install Inside Windows'. Just click on that option. Just fill the required fields, it will do the rest for you hopefully.

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How does this answer the OP's question? – Eliah Kagan Jun 29 '12 at 14:53

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