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Possible Duplicate:
Launchpad failed to build after “quickly submitubuntu”

I created an app for the Ubuntu App Showdown and I'm trying to upload it to the Ubuntu Software Center. My steps are:

  1. quickly submitubuntu
  2. Go to the app page Ubuntu App Developer website and upload the package .tar.gz created by quickly in the step #1.
  3. Then I receive this email:

It says: "State: Failed to build". I tried to add the libglib2.0-bin dependence, but I get the same result.

Any idea, please? Will be the app submit with this error? Thanks in advance!

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Did you add libglib2.0-bin to the "Depends" in the binary section of debian/control, or to the Build-Depends in the source section?

It needs to be in the source (top) section in Build-Depends

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Thanks. That is the problem, but quickly overwrite that file all times. – costales Jun 29 '12 at 14:34

Reading the answer from the question you referenced this is a bug in quickly that has not been fixed. Read a bit further down and do the submitubuntu steps manually as noted in the accepted answer.

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Thanks, but the answer not works for me. ('function' user replies with the same error). – costales Jun 29 '12 at 14:35

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