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I am able to login as a different user using a shell script in Ubuntu, but I want to run a Java program in that user, but it halts there...

for example:

  1. login as a guest user with limited permission
  2. compile
  3. java

The script I wrote:

su $USER
javac echo compiled

Kindly show me a path to solve this problem

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The problem with your script is that the su $USER line invokes a subshell and so the next command doesn't execute until that subshell is exited.

You probably want to do something more like:

echo "JAVA_HOME=..." >>$USERCMDS
echo "javac" >> $USERCMDS
chmod a+x $USERCMDS
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thank you sir but when i tried to run the script then i says javac command not found. i have set all the environment variables also added the java path in login.def i think its again reseting the path. – ansh Jun 29 '12 at 6:06

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