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virtuoso-t is indexing my files again, which takes a massively long time with all my CD's ripped to flac and converted to mp3 and ogg, not to mention all other files on the system.

3416 jhendrix  39  19  508m 142m 5060 R 99.1  1.8  47:10.40 1 virtuoso-t

Why is it indexing all files again? My PC sounds like a vacuum cleaner right now. I know I can kill the process, but I want to know why it is happening.

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As for my experiene - virtuoso-t takes so much cpu only until it index all the files. Once it happened - it behaves calmly. I suggest You to leave Your computer turned on for the night.

Also You might control the memory used by virtuoso-t.

And finally You coould have it broken. I suggest You remove Your local database then (it has some confings - and maybe they have gone made). For that I'd suggest You to remove all nepomuk related folders in ~/.kde.

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it was indexing for over a week ... 24x7 and once it stopped and I rebooted a couple of days later it started all over again. So I killed it all together. – jippie Aug 3 '12 at 18:33

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