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With the Ubuntu's HUD you should be able to work faster. But with Firefox it's not always the case. If I type in an URL nothing happens... so why it isn't possible to use URLs in the HUD? ...

How can I integrate Firefox's Awesome Bar into the Ubuntu's HUD?

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I think that the HUD isn't meant to replace or incorporate the awesome bar. It's meant to allow you to access a program's menu items quickly, even if they're deeply nested. – user25656 Jun 28 '12 at 16:52
I meant it as an extra feature... not a replacement. – s0dafire Jun 28 '12 at 19:07

What HUD can do :

Instead of a nested tree of options, users will have a "vocabulary UI" that's "closer to the way users think" according to Shuttleworth. .

So instead of having the traditional "File," "Edit," "View" menus (and so on) we can pull down a menu to type in commands. So if I want to change preferences I'd start typing "pref" and (in theory) the HUD will suggest commands that matches that.

Which probably says it is an Integrated Menu Utility of active Application . Since Firefox menu don't have any such MENU option like Go to URL or Enter the URL you want to Navigate, so currently in present scenario we can't go to desired URL from HUD.

According to Unity/HUD Wiki Page

HUD is in a very early stage of development, and not ready for production use.

So if you are interested in developing such features , you probably can by joining the Launchpad and getting involved in that project.

For further reading and references here :Link1, Link2, and Link3.

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Ubuntu HUD support is done by the application developer. Firefox is responsible to do so. to HUD is a replacement of menu items/commands. In firefox such menu doesn't exist.

I don't think at present you can change the HUD behavior. (If I am wrong please feel free to correct me). Anyway you can press ctrl+L or F6 or ALT+D to goto the address bar.

You can send mail to requesting this feature.

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Oh wow, I accidently found out that you can type in the URL in the Dash-Board instead of the HUD.

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