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I have a Dell Perc 6i RAID card currently used under Win 2K3 and I am going to transit to Ubuntu Server 12. Since Dell only provides driver for Ubuntu 10 Server yet Dell servers with this RAID card are certified in Ubuntu website. I am wondering if I can get this RAID card work under Ubuntu Server 12. Does anybody have similiar problems?


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Yes, the Dell Perc6 series is officially supported by Ubuntu

The Dell Perc 6-series cards are rebranded LSI Megaraid cards with the LSI1078 chipset. The drivers for LSI Megaraid in Ubuntu have been stable for a very long time, and specifically support the Dell 6 series:

The mfi driver supports the following hardware:

     +o   LSI MegaRAID SAS 1078
     +o   LSI MegaRAID SAS 8408E
     +o   LSI MegaRAID SAS 8480E
     +o   LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260
     +o   Dell PERC5
     +o   Dell PERC6
     +o   IBM ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA
     +o   IBM ServeRAID-MR10i
     +o   Intel RAID Controller SROMBSAS18E

I have a Megaraid 8408E and Ubuntu Server 12.04 has been working fantastically with it.

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I have MegaRAID SAS 1078, and it's not working in Ubuntu. Ubuntu also doesn't work from the USB 3.0 stick (needs 2.0). Fedora works just fine out of the box, however. – WitchCraft Feb 15 at 0:35

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