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Installed Eclipse IDE from the terminal in Ubuntu 12.04 for android app development. I was now asked to download the required files from "Install New Software" in the IDE itself where it asks me to accept the User's Licence Agreement. I click on the radio button which says that I'm accepting the agreement but the finish button doesn't get highlighted and I'm unable to click it!

Any Solutions?

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3 Answers

You probably need to read the licence agreement before accepting it.


Some applications check whether you have spent some reasonable time reading it, whether you have scrolled to the end, etc.

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Tried that too. Not working! –  Missing Ashleys Jun 27 '12 at 15:28
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It works. Depending on what you're installing, you might have to:

1) accept multiple license agreements (accept each and click next)
2) toggle to accept all and accept all the agreements at once

What @rafal said was right. In some cases you need to scroll to the bottom of the window.

If none of this solves the problem, add a screenshot to your question so we can "see" your window.

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I had this problem with egit plugin. I tried it a few times in a row and after re-doing the entire wizard about the 5th time it worked. I had also exited and restarted Eclipse a few times in between.

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