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I wish to install mod_qos in Ubuntu Server 10.10.

Reading on-line it would seem the package is called libapache2-mod-qos and is in the Universe repository.

Having enabled Universe and performing a sudo apt-get update it still cannot be found, and the listing for aptitude search libapache2 does not show it under another name.

Has it really been taken out of the repos (in desperation I temporarily enabled every repo and updated to no avail)? If not does it have an obscure name now or are we meant to use a PPA?

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This package seems to be new to the current development release, Natty:

To install it on 10.10, you can just download that .dsc file and build the package:


Then extract it

dpkg-source -x libapache2-mod-qos_9.25-1.dsc

Then build it

cd libapache2-mod-qos-9.25
sudo debi

If this works, consider submitting it as a backport to 10.10: to request new packages

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I did not find a PPA but did locate the packages HERE.

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In the end I just added the natty universe repository to the system (this will come back to bite at a future date as it included base without consent) and it seemed to work fine for this test development machine. However @SpamapS answer would seem to be "the right thing" to do.

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