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Possible Duplicate:
How do I uninstall Ubuntu Wubi?

How can I uninstall Ubuntu which I installed using Wubi without affecting my files if I have 2 OS's on 1 partition?

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You can uninstall the WUBI install with the Windows Add Remove Programs window. The program to remove will be called Ubuntu and will have the Ubuntu logo

Any Files in Windows will not be affected but any files that are in you Ubuntu Wubi install MUST be saved to another place you can save them to your windows filesystem or a USB drive. Note: Any files created with Ubuntu may be unreadable by Windows. Example txt files may not be completely readable ogg music files are unreadable, any Ubuntu system logs.

Any pictures, mp3, or video files can be transfered to Windows and be read. oggfiles may be able to be read by Windows with the proper plug-in.

Short answer here is, you remove a Wubi install just like any other Windows program but be sure to save any important files before uninstall.

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