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The only documentation I have been able to find on integrating an application with the Messaging Menu is old and out of date: And even that didn't have documentation for the whole API. Is there are any documentation for libindicate, either the python or C version?

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Try the libindicate-doc package (and then look at what it installed with dpkg -L libindicate-doc). That should contain what you need.

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This doesn't seem to contain anything massively useful to help me integrate my app with the Messaging menu; it talks, generically, about indicators, and provides a few API calls with no guidance on how to use them. – sil Jan 16 '11 at 11:26

This isn't full documentation or anything, but it may be useful

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The Ubuntu Platform API reference is now online at the Ubuntu App Developer site.

Also you'll find more links to documentation on the resources section for the platform documentation there.

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