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I am having some problems with wheelmouse and mouse movement at the same time on ubuntu 12.04 and I found that the problem has been solved here:

How do I apply these changes to my own system as this would resolve my problem I'm having perfectly!?

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You could fetch the Ubuntu source to your computer, apply the patch, rebuild Xorg, install, and test the result. Rebuilding the package is a rather advanced topic, I don't know how experienced you are.

Another approach would be to wait a couple of months if you can. The quantal-proposed branch appears to me to have that patch. I'm referring to this code on Launchpad. This is currently being tested and if testing is OK will probably be incorporated into the Quantal 12.10 release in October.

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I have overcome the issue by adding the code manually and recompiling. Wasn't actually that easy or reliable, so will wait and see what they come up with, thanks. – ao789 Aug 13 '12 at 10:35

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