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I'd like to remove some unwanted languages from my system. I only use Italian, and English UK and US. In "Systems Settings" I can find a lot of languages that I don't even know why they have been installed. However, although I am an administrator, I can't remove the unwanted languages (as you can see the "-" is greyed out). I have tried running "sudo gnome-control-center" but there the only language displayed is English. Thanks a lot in advance for the help! Luca


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Languages with localized variants are provided in a package: - English contains AU, US, UK, NZ, SA, etc. variants - Chinese contains variants, etc.

You can't remove specific variants without removing the whole package (from the desktop).

If you are adventurous, you can try removing those locales via the command-line, e.g. en_NZ.UTF_8, etc.

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..but why should I have them? I think they just bloat my spell checkers list and so on... – lucacerone Jun 26 '12 at 14:00

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