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Wasn't sure whether to ask on here on on ... but I want to play music which is on my desktop machine through my phone. The music is coming from ext4 partition which I am happy to share on the LAN.

It should use WiFi not bluetooth (because I hope to use the bluetooth interface for other things, simultaneously).

Is it possible and what do I need to setup on the desktop (on Ubuntu 12.04) and/or my phone (galaxy nexus)?

edit: Just to clarify, I want the music to be playing from the phone, not through the desktop's speakers.

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Not an exact dupe but pretty close, have you see this?… – Tom Brossman Jun 26 '12 at 8:07

VLC Install vlc

The VLC media player claims to be able to do so. There is a beta VLC player available for Android phones.

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In the end I went with Subsonic server and subsonic app on my phone, and it's working great - highly recommended and free.

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