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I'm searching the config file that says which extensions are active beacause i want take it in /etc/skel directory. also i'm searching too the file of theme configuration (that says which theme is active)

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You need to use skel for this:

  1. Edit /etc/default/useradd uncomment the skel line to activate.

  2. Copy the following folders to /etc/skel: config; .local; .pki

  3. Only the new users will take your configuration

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I'm not sure if this will help in all aspects of your question but have you tried the

Gnome Tweak Tool

It will definitely show you which theme is active plus it has the following features.

  • Install and switch gnome-shell themes
  • Switch gtk/icon/cursor themes
  • Switch window manager themes


  • The user-interface and titlebar fonts
  • Icons in menus and buttons
  • Behavior on laptop lid close
  • Shell font size
  • File manager desktop icons
  • Titlebar click action
  • Shell clock to show date
  • Font hinting and antialiasing

There is also an indepth article that I have linked to below that explains customizing the GNOME Shell. It explains how the GConf CORBA-based configuration system is no longer used and has been replaced by GSettings which it goes on to explain in detail.

Customizing the GNOME Shell article

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open dconf editor and find key

org > gnome > shell > extensions

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