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I've installed adobe's pdf reader.

However, now when I download a pdf using firefox, often adobe's reader loads the pdf in a firefox reader.

How do I set the default behaviour to storing the pdf, rather then loading it within firefox?

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You would have to go to about:addons, select "Plugins" and disable the adobe reader plugin:

Adobe plugin disabled

There is also another option, which is a bit more complicated:

  • Go to Edit->Preferences->Applications
  • Type pdf in the filter box
    pdf in filter box
  • Choose to "save file" by default instead of opening with the default plugin
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Thanks. Disabling the addon was what I needed to know. I don't need another application to be added for handling the files. I'm happy just downloading pdf and opening them with whatever the desktop environment default application is. Cheers. – bobdobbs Jun 26 '12 at 0:23

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