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How can I change from Unity 2D to 3D on ubuntu 12.04?

I am running an AMD NX2100 with 512k memory and NVIDIA FX5200

I've tried numerous cures/downloads/fixes noted within Ask Ubuntu, but when ever I run MyUnity I will always get this same message:

Your Ubuntu 12.04 is running in 2D mode. Many features will not be available.

Most everything within the MyUnity menu is grayed out.

I am new to Ubuntu and have been working on this for more than two weeks to no avail.

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perhaps the output of the unity-support-test (askubuntu.com/questions/33873/…) would help here together with the nvidia driver you may nor may not be using from the Additional Drivers window - please add any replies to your Question. Thanks. –  fossfreedom Jun 25 '12 at 22:29

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