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I can mount the Windows partition in my Ubuntu installation but I don't seem to be able to create or paste files in to the mounted partition. I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas?

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was your windows system shut down correctly? or are you talking about sharing files across a network? – RolandiXor Nov 30 '10 at 18:14
You're not mounting it correctly. More information -… (the information is for automount, however you can specify the options while mounting through the terminal too) – dkuntz2 Dec 8 '10 at 2:25

If you mounted from Nautilus, it uses a special GNOME API (gio/gvfs). You can't access the files from command line or non-gnome-aware programs. But there is a bridge:

You should install gvfs-fuse Install gvfs-fuse (apt-get install gvfs-fuse) and restart Nautilus (perhaps killall -HUP nautilus is enough)

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It didnt works. It says read only file system. – Manoj Dec 1 '10 at 16:46
when? how? could you be more specific? – shellholic Dec 1 '10 at 23:54
Actually i installed the gvfs-fuse. Then i killed all the Nautilus. But the problem didnt go. – Manoj Dec 2 '10 at 5:05
Actually i tried with LIVE CD and make some fsck command. It works. Thanks for your reponses. – Manoj Dec 2 '10 at 5:06

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