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I've a Sony Ebook Reader PRS-T1. I have Calibri and there is no problem to put ebooks on the Reader, but I don't know how to update the firmware. Perhaps you can help me?

Regrets Malte

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To update the firmware, you can:

  1. Get an access to a windows machine, and do the update that way.
  2. Install Windows in a Virtual Machine under Ubuntu.
  3. Follow the steps mentioned Here

The page above give step-by-step instructions for installing firmware to the Sony PRS-T1 eReader.

  1. Fully charge your PRS-T1

  2. Connect your PRS-T1 to your PC. Start the Reader software if it doesn't auto-start.

  3. Check for Updates, and follow the GUI prompts.


  1. Fully charge your PRS-T1

  2. Download the stand-alone firmware updater file from Sony's support site.

  3. Extract the file by right click, and choose "Extract here"

  4. Connect your PRS-T1 to your PC with the USB cable (causing it to mount its 'SETTING' and 'READER' partitions).

  5. Go to the location where you extracted the file.

  6. Copy the PRS-T1 Updater.package files to the 'READER' file system.( /media/READER/ )

  7. Disconnect the PRS-T1 from the USB cable.

  8. Power down the PRS-T1 (a full power off to the blank screen).

  9. Hold down both the home button and the menu button, and, while keeping them held, press the power button to turn on the PRS-T1.

  10. Release the home and menu buttons once the boot screen is shown.

The PRS-T1 should now install the update and automatically reboot once done.

For other info you can check this out


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