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I am an 81 year old pretty much newbie. I decided to upgrade my netbook to 12.04 from a USB and got an error message: "the symbol 'grub_xputs' not found" and a grub rescue prompt. My eee 901 has a (faster) 4g SSD (sda1) and a (slower) 16g SSD (sdb1). As I have done in the past, I mounted / on the little drive and /home on the big one. I tried to install boot-repair from the USB but was unsuccessful. What do I do now?

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I stumbled across http://www.geekmitra.com/2011/06/recover-grub-live-ubuntu-cd.html. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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You can use an ISO with pre-installed Boot-Repair, for example Boot-Repair-Disk or Ubuntu-Secure-Remix.

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