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I have a problem with my secondary battery. Some time ago, I closed my notebook lid (an HP Probook 6450b). When I opened it again, the notebook didn't wake up from standby mode because my first battery was running low (before closing the notebook, Ubuntu showed me a remaining charge of 2% for about 20 minutes). But I had a fully charged secondary battery connected to the notebook.

  1. Why didn't Ubuntu recognize that the secondary battery had plenty of charge? Under Windows 7 I didn't have this problem.

  2. As a second question, is there a way to make Ubuntu discharge my secondary battery first? It usually discharges the "internal" battery first, but I want the other one to be discharged first.

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Are you sure this isn't something the BIOS handles, vs an OS setting? –  Tom Brossman Jun 23 '12 at 22:43
@TomBrossman it seems to be a bit of both. I've got a similar issue, and it seems to be affected by the OS. –  RolandiXor Sep 18 '12 at 6:57

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