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I'm debugging some things on my computer and I boot into recovery mode from the grub menu. Then it gives me a bunch of options on what to do next, and I select the one that drops it to a root shell. However, apt-get complains about not being able to resolve hosts whenever I try to install anything. I'm assuming this is because it is not connected to the internet. How can I enable the internet connection from the root shell?

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Plug it in to the router with an Ethernet cable and run the dhclient eth0 command.

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An additional comment: dhclient configures a network interface (in this case eth0) -- "The Internet Software Consortium DHCP Client, dhclient, provides a means for configuring one or more network interfaces using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, BOOTP protocol, or if these protocols fail, by statically assigning an address." – pzkpfw Jun 23 '12 at 19:59

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