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After installing Ubuntu Studio 12.04 from DVD onto the fourth hard disk, it fails to boot, even when explicitly choosing the fourth hard disk as the boot device.

I have SUSE 11.2 on the first 2 SCSI disks (which form a RAID) and Studio64 on the 1st IDE disk (that is, the third disk).

Looking at the /boot directory on the Ubuntu partition, I see there is no initrd image.

Editing the GRUB configuration file to include (hd3,1)/vmlinuz and of course (hd3,1)/initrd should fix the problem. But still GRUB gives a file not found error.

This appears to me that, no mkintrd during the booting process (checked with LiveCD) runs like in OpenSUSE.

How do I create the initrd to make Ubuntu bootable.

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  • Boot LiveCD
  • Mount installed system
  • Copy cdrom/casper/initrd.lz to /boot directory of the installed system
  • Delete broken initrd.img link and create new link at boot/inird.lz
    the command is:

    sudo ln -s /boot/initrd.lz initrd.img

  • Reboot

  • Edit grub line to boot system by changing root to sdd2 instead of hdd2

The System will boot now, but drop you into initramfs prompts

  • Create directory /mnt by command mkdir mnt

  • Mount installed system, mount /dev/sdd2 -t ext4 /mnt

  • Change root to the installed system by this command chroot /mnt

  • Now run this commands to go to /boot directory cd boot.
  • Create new initrd by this command update-initramfs -c -k all
  • Relink to new initrd by running this commands,

    • cd ..
    • mv initrd.img initrd.old and
    • ln -s boot/initrd... initrd.img , replace ... with your initrd version number
  • Exit chroot by command exit

Reboot now.

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Just installed Ubuntustudio 12.04, similar happened, got the time to reboot message, hit enter, the DVD tray opened and shut before the install DVD could be removed, black screen, seemingly dead. Hit the reset button on the box, grub menu comes up without the new install, selected Ubuntu 10.10 which is on another partition, opened Konsole, update-grub, reboot, new install is now in the grub list, select it for boot; it boots, all is well.

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After opening console type command sudo update-grub – K.K Patel Nov 5 '12 at 7:14

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