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I'd like to change font attributes (size, style, family, colour) for Text Entry but I don't see any option for this in Glade. There's no problem with Label, but Label is not editable by user. I tried to edit the MyAppNameWindow.ui file in Gedit and copied attributes from Label to Text Entry but after that the app does not start.

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I do not know how to do this using Glade. However, this is simple to achieve using a small piece of code.

I assume you are using quickly, and thus you write in Python.

  • First, you need to import Pango library (it comes by default with Gtk)

    from gi.repository import Pango

  • Then, assuming your entry widget is called myentry:

    myentry.modify_font(Pango.FontDescription('Sans Bold 12'))

Adjust the above to your needs, and remember place that instruction somewhere in initialization code, so that it gets executed just after the window is constructed.

I hope such non-Glade solution will help you.

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Thanks, it does work. I tried before with import pango but got some error. – mivoligo Jun 26 '12 at 22:08

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