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I have a Nvidia 210 graphics card and have gone in to text mode in Ubuntu and disabled the standard driver and replaced it with the new driver I got from Nvidia's website. Everything works fine but when the computer is off for more then a few hours, the next time I boot I get a weird error message:

PANIC: early exception 08 rip 246:10 error

At this point I have to take out my new card and drop in a 8500GT card, go back into text mode and re-install the drivers to get my new card to work again. This message even comes up if I try to go into recovery mode before re-installing the drivers. The 8500GT card I can pop-in at anytime and it works no problem with any Nvidia driver installed. Anyone have any clue why this is happening and what to do to fix it???

  • Dell Inspiron 530
  • Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33Ghz
  • 3 GB Mem 1TB HDD
  • Nvidia 210G or Nvidia 8500GT PCIe1
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Have you done a memory test? – Mitch Jun 23 '12 at 5:40

This seems like a hardware problem. Someone else fixed it here with a hardware-related thing.

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