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I have two different screens, one FullHD and one HDready and i often have openend many windows. To manage these, the Ubuntu workspaces do a good job, but it would be excellent if it could be changed seperately, so that i can have the windows on the right that are used less often but need a look on and those on the left that are needed to change often. So i could have 8 workspaces and seperately choose one for every monitor. Is there anything like that?

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Gnome-Shell does this. If you are ok with using something non-unity, the right screen can switch desktops while the left does not (for me), although I am sure this is configurable.

This is my right monitor, while this

is both my monitors. Notice there is no workspace switcher on the left monitor.

(The workspace switcher is on the very right; it is minimized in the picture.)

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Thank you very much, I'm using Gnome3 now too. It's way better IMO. Thx! – zulu34sx Jun 24 '12 at 10:22

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