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I work as java/j2ee application developer so kindly tell me how to set JAVA_HOME, JRE_HOME, CLASSPATH so that I may use Tomcat, Mysql ,java all together in Terminal.

I may be using all together in a pure CLI server environment, or in a GUI desktop environment.

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Using 12.04, placing the information in /etc/environment worked for me:

tku@buster:~$ cat /etc/environment 
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If you have multiple versions of Java (or, for that matter, multiple versions of anything) installed, and want to be able to switch between them, Environment Modules is worth considering. It enables you to load, unload, and switch between the environment setups for different installed versions of any software that it's configured to handle. It's a de facto standard on clusters and, although it's a bit of a pain to set up at first, it's well worth the effort, IMHO.

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