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My usb ports are stuck in 1.0 mode, i cant get them to work in 2.0 mode to get my devices to work. i tried a fresh install and rebootng many times, the mouse is slow and jumpy and transfers take a while.

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Probably it's forced in your computer's BIOS settings. – BrianXP7 Jun 22 '12 at 4:38
everything works fine when i boot in windows, only have the issue in ubuntu, using 12.04, tried older versions and a few fresh installs and reboots – joe a Jun 22 '12 at 4:57
Have you tried different usb ports? – John S Gruber Jun 22 '12 at 5:00
Please share the output of the dmesg command (instructions here) – izx Jun 22 '12 at 5:34
What did you use the test USB with? – Mitch Jun 22 '12 at 7:02

disable legacy usb from the bios and if you dont have usb 3 also disable backwards compatibility mode in the usb settings in bios.

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