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12.04. Soon after I start Google Chrome stable version, it crashes Ubuntu--whole system goes back to logout screen.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling google-chrome-stable, beta, and chromium. tried deleting ./config/google-chrome. no luck. Firefox works fine.

How to

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what is your output if run in a terminal ? – Andrés Ricardo Torres Martínez Jun 22 '12 at 1:51

After last my update my Chrome now also tested cause Ubuntu logout trap :D
Ok, need to say also Gnome was logged into the Fallback session.

Then I go to restart, log into Recovery session.
First run point "dpkg repair " and wait for all my filesystems will be mounted.
Said yes for "mount" notification.

Next run point "Drop to Root Shell ".


  1. su username
  2. wget <latest OR needed display driver href> OR cd <DOWNLOAD FOLDER>
  3. sudo sh ./<>
  4. sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm ( a mostly Gnome fallback troubleshooter )
  5. exit for usersession exit for root session and backing to Recovery menu.

Now run Resume Normal Boot OR exit and reboot the machine completely.
Have fun! :)

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