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I have installed Chromium, Lightspark and Gnash on my Ubuntu system. I want to make Update Manager update these programs without asking me, and always search to find updates.

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How did you install them? From source tarballs, or from the repositories (Software Center, apt-get, Synaptic, etc)? – Thomas Ward Jun 21 '12 at 19:57
apt-get for chromuim and gnash. I did apt-get for light spark I also did update and respiratories – user72372 Jun 26 '12 at 15:39

If you have already added the PPA or other software repository for the mentioned programs then your Ubuntu update manager will find and inform you of any updates available for those programs in accordance to your update settings (daily, two-daily, weekly etc.).

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how do I get the PPA? and how do I check if I do? – user72372 Jun 26 '12 at 15:41

Also some software, such as Google Chrome, updates silently, such that you don't need to do anything. Just make sure this is the case before assuming that something is updated!

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how can I tell if it does? – user72372 Jun 26 '12 at 15:40

Chromium tends to update itself automatically, silently, or whenever a new package for it comes out.

With Gnash, it gets updated whenever a new package for it is released. When that happens, Update Manager will update it. Otherwise, it won't, because there's no new updates.

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