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I am a user of Ubuntu and Ubuntu One.

First: I had a serious problem with ubuntu one. I have a windows and several Ubuntu machine and they all sync one account. My first problem is that i can't really delete files. Whenever I delete something Ubu One resync it, so it appears again in my folder. Furthermore, when i move something to another dir it synconize the new location and resync the old one, so i got doubled my files. I can't reorganize my files. So i tried to delete the duplicated files through the web dash, but i cant reorder and select multiple files by extension. For example i wanted to move all PDF to another location...

Second: I can't configure in the ubuntu one app the loacation of the main One folder. For example i want my One folder to be on another partition than my HOME folder. It is a main problem in linux and windows also. I tried to move that folder in windows with the hardlink method. So i uninstalled the U1, then i created a folder link to another drive, than installed the U1. THEN i lost all my files in my U1. Lucky thing that i have a backup, but i thought U1 is a stable solution for me, and i planned to extend my space, but these bugs are major problems!

It's worth to pay for it if it's working perfectly. I think it's more important than releasing a new version in every month.

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You have to delete it off of then it will apply to all computers with the data on them. Don't forget to login at the top right corner and then click Files next to Dashboard and chose the folder/file and either Stop syncing this folder or Delete files.

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I'm not getting Stop syncing option,but getting Delete files in Could you please describe it more clearly. – tuxtu Dec 15 '12 at 4:32

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