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we are using an openVPN Access Server and I would like to connect to it via the VPN network setting (network-manager-openvpn).

I downloaded the client.ovpn and I can connect to the server via the command line: openvpn --script-security 2 --config client.ovpn

How can I add the connection to the network manager? Which (key) entry is which? User Cert, CA Cert, Private Key?

Here is an example of the client.ovpn http://nopaste.info/c10ec207f2.html

Thanks in advance.

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You should really revoke the certificates you are using, since you are exposing your private key in the config file you are linking to –  tomodachi Jun 20 '12 at 20:19

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  • the certificate below OVPN_ACCESS_SERVER_WEB_CA_BUNDLE_START, is your CA certificate
  • the -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY--- , is your private key

copy the content of these certificates into separate files. including everything from the ---BEGIN---- , to ----END---- part and add the in the corresponding entry in the vpn tab of network manager

I cant really tell from your configuration file which cert is the user certificate. But it's not the openvpn static key. copy and save the ones left to separate files, and try them one by one by one until you manage to connect

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