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I wanted to check out the latest (12.04) version of Ubuntu to see if the Unity shell had improved, so I booted my Dell Latitude with a live DVD.

My laptop is connected to a docking station, and I have two monitors hooked into it. Happily, the system started properly and even detected the two monitors. Oddly, Unity's launcher bar appeared on each screen.

When I pressed the Ubuntu Dash button, I saw a close button ("x") to kill the Launcher on the right monitor, but then I saw that I could close the left monitor's Launcher too. When I did that, I saw no way to respawn the Launcher.

My question is two-fold: a) how do I relaunch Launcher if it's been closed, and b) how do I configure the system to only load a Launcher on the left monitor?

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Press the ALT key to start the Launcher. There is a closely related question here Launcher shows up on the wrong monitor It would help to know what computer/model/video card also

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu, yes that link may help. But it is preferable to include the answer right here. – Anwar Shah Jun 20 '12 at 17:16
This did not work. Pressing the Alt key looked like it loaded an empty frame with only a red X visible in the top left corner. The launcher never reappeared and neither did Dash. – Tony Jun 28 '12 at 18:06

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