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Hope this is not a stupid question. But here it goes...

Over the last month I have learned Programming in C and Gtk to a point where I have written a small program in C.

I would like to make a ubuntu package of my program. The project contains 3 glade files and 1 C file. I know that there is documentation on packaging ubuntu packages from a tar ball as per this question. How to create deb installer from tarballs?

But my question is how do I go from the 4 files to the tar ball state? I am not looking for the tar -cf ...

What I am looking for is a guide that will help me create configure / makefiles ect.

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Please improve the question title, configure/makefiles are not related to the "ubuntu package" development process, that is part of the regular source building process. – João Pinto Nov 29 '10 at 13:32
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Source building for C applications is most commonly managed with the autotools utilites, using autotools is not trivial, better check a tutorial:

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To create configure/makefiles you must use the GNU autotools. Follow the tutorial at

The resulting Makefile will be able to create the tarball for you.

To make a .deb file containing your application, follow the guide at

I think that what you are looking for :)

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