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The current google results are outdated. What is the current status?

I was on www.mozilla.org/en-US/legal/privacy/firefox.html and saw "Protection Against Suspected Forgery and Attack Sites Features".

Can you translate please more to human speak?

First they download a list and compare local... Ok...

Here it gets messy "If there is a match, Firefox will check with its third party provider to ensure that the website is still on the blacklist. The information sent between Firefox and its third party provider(s) are hashed URLs. In fact, multiple hashed URLs are sent with the real hash so that the third party provider(s) will not know what site you are visiting." -> If that hash were send to mozilla, they would knew which site were accessed?

"In order to safeguard your privacy, Firefox will not transmit the complete URL of web pages that you visit to anyone other than Mozilla and its service providers." -> In other words, Mozilla and its service providers get all complete URLs (of sites, which were in blacklist)?

"While it is possible that a third party service provider may determine the actual URL from the hashed URL sent, Mozilla’s policy is to require [...]" -> Privacy is depends on policy rather than technology?

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