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I've just purchased my laptop HP Pavilion G7-1390ED. My Graphic card is AMD Radeon HD7450M with 1gb ram.

First after i installed ubuntu 12.04 3D was working fine, but after installing other updates including AMD Radeon video drivers and restart 3D is not working. It only runs with 2d.

I hope someone knows how to fix this?

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Does this laptop come with an integrated board as well? If so, you should take a look at the bumblebee project. – Tomas Lycken Jun 19 '12 at 22:17

A few days ago I had the same issue with another Radeon graphic card and I deactivated the proprietary drivers: 3D came again.

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The FGLRX drivers use modules, these modules are installed with pre confugration to use in the current kernel you were using at the moment of installation, now if a recall there was an update to the kernel, so you need to re-run the installer again for the modules to be built for the new kernel.

This same happens in Virtualbox for example, so that's why you don't have compositing available.

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