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I am sorry if it appears that I am spamming, I am just trying to learn as much about Ubuntu development as possible. I have this basic Quickly app set up and working fine. I have one image on the first form/view or what ever it is called. I have put the image file in the projectname/data/media/ folder as a png with Gimp. It shows up fine in Glade. I save then I type: quickly run then it just shows up the icon for file N/A. It says this in the console:

Could not load image 'step1.png': Failed to open file '/home/jtp/projectnamme/data/ui/step1.png':

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Can you manually open the file, in "Image viewer" or something? Hopefully, you have "saved as" in gimp and not changed its extension, as gimp does not automatically save in .png format. – i08in Dec 29 '12 at 4:17

Instead of specifying your image as step1.png, use this (relative) path in place of it:


This should cause it to be accessed in the right place, since .. represents the parent directory of wherever the application is currently looking (in this case, apparently /home/jtp/projectnamme/data), and the actual file is located in /home/jtp/projectname/media.

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