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I'm using dolphin under gnome 3 and when I select a file, the name disappears. I tried looking at my kde settings and looking under colors and nothing seems out of the ordinary, and I don't know if that is where dolphin is getting its colors from since I'm using gnome 3. I'm using Ambiance for a color theme, so I looked in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and saw base color is white and so is selected fg color. So I changed them to black and got nothing. It appears that dolphin is getting its color information from gnome 3 since when changing from Ambiance to Adwaita the colors change in dolphin.

So how do I get the filename not to disappear when I select a file in dolphin and hover over it?


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I just figured it out in a long search for the right config-file

Please change (with root-priviliges) a line in the following file:






I also tried changing it in .local/share/... but it didnt work that way for me

Greets, have fun

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Note that this affects selected text color everywhere, not just in Dolphin. It looks OK though so for me it's not a problem. –  Lapis Jun 12 '13 at 12:48
Thanks for this answer. I changed bg to #80f080 and fg to #a00000, and it works fine for me. –  user2411458 Jul 7 '13 at 9:09

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