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Possible Duplicate:
What is “dist-upgrade” and why does it upgrade more than “upgrade”?

The 3 updates are generic linux kernel headers, generic linux kernel image, and open sound system (oss) compatibility package. These 3 will not update.

Has any one else have or had this problem?

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How are you updating your system? What version of Ubuntu is it? – Bruno Pereira Jun 19 '12 at 18:36

If you are updating your system via the terminal and you have updates that won't install you need to use another command.

sudo apt-get upgrade will not install updates that will install other new packages as dependencies or package removal for the installation of other packages: new kernels, new GRUB versions, etc will not be installed with it because they will do so. apt-get upgrade will only update packages currently installed in the system.

For updating packages that do changes to your system use either the Update Manager or in a terminal the command sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

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First use:

sudo apt-get update

And after that:

sudo apt-get upgrade

This might fix some errors if you have some errors

And check your update manager to see if some key or source should not be there or are wrong.

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