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I've just started looking into Quickly and Ubuntu desktop/GTK dev, and I'm a bit confused by the organisation of the template that Quickly provides.

Specifically, I'm confused about two related points:

  1. Why is the logic for a window or dialogue split between a file in the lib folder and another in the application folder? For instance, the default template creates a under the lib folder, and a under the application folder. It seems that all of the default logic is in the file, but the features being implemented in the tutorial ($ quickly tutorial) are written in The confusion for me here might stem from inexperience with gtk.

  2. In general, how should the code be split (for none UI elements). For instance, code to connect to a sqlite db, code to contact web services, other Ubuntu integration code eg dbus service, indicators etc.

Thanks for any help!

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Your code should go in myapp, not myapp_lib.

See here for more information:

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