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I just installed the 64 bit version onto my laptop. It is the only operating system on the computer. After the initial setup and restart, I tried to log in, but after I typed my password and hit enter, the screen just went black. Tried to restart several times and had the same problem. Not sure what to do. I tried to use the 32 bit version instead but it doesn't even install. My computer is 64 bit, 200 g hard drive, 2 ghz processor, 4 g ram

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see if this helps [error-message-signal-out-of-range-92khz-58hz-when-starting-ubuntu-what-is][1] [1]:… – user71657 Jun 19 '12 at 4:06

go in to your bios and change your SATA configuration to AHCI Mode also you may have to run install with --nomodeset

try just changing your config first. if that still dosent work then add --nomodeset or --fb=false or --vga=788

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