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How do you write a character "o" with upper-line in Ubuntu? Is it possible?

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If you haven't already done this, configure a compose key by going into System Settings > Keyboard > Layout Settings > Options... > Compose key position. (I've set mine to Right Alt.)

Then, all you have to do is type Compose + -, then o and you'll get an ō. This works for the other letters, too, as well as several different types of accents. For example, ' instead of - will give you an acute accent, ` will give you a grave accent, , will give you a cedilla, ^ a circumflex, and ", an umlaut.

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Is this what you mean:



In Ubuntu, we have an application similar to Windows' Character Map called...well, Character Map. Go into it and look around at what all you can do :)

As for a keyboard shortcut, there are keyboard shortcuts listed on the character map. :)

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In vim, you can do it with digraphs.

E.g., in insert mode ō is Ctrl + K and then o- (press Control and K at the same time, then type o-)

Ō is Ctrl + K and O-.

See here for a more complete explanation.

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