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I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on several Dell c6220 servers. The install was successful and all hardware is recognized.

The problem that I am running into is that when issuing the reboot command or when pressing ctrl-alt-del, the server shuts down, but never comes back up. Instead, the fan revs up to full speed and stays that way until I power the server down.

Once the server has been powered down via the power button, Ubuntu will boot just fine -- until the next reboot.

I have found that by rebooting the server via the DRAC web interface will reboot the server correctly.

I have also found that this problem does not exist with CentOS -- I can press ctrl-alt-del all day long and it always comes back up.

I've tried several kernel parameters such as:


Nothing seems to work.

I have also tried upgrading to kernel 3.4, but no change there, either.

Has anyone run into a similar problem or any pointers on troubleshooting?



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It looks as though the kernel option nolapic solves this issue. Whether or not disabling lapic is safe is something I still need to look into.

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