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I read this thread but it doesn't really address my issue. The problem that I have is that whenever I log in, conky starts up, as set up in Startup Applications, but the instance it runs is dropping shadow and is above every other window, showing the wallpaper beneath it. This can be easily fixed by relaunching conky, but that defeats the purpose of having it start up at login. Also, running conky at any point manually after logging does not cause this. Any suggestions? I rewrote the script and played about with Compiz, but it still keeps happening.

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Have you tried using "conky -p 50" in Startup Applications?

It means there will be a lag of 50 seconds before Conky is actually started and gives all other programs the opportunity to start smoothly before conky is run. Solved a lot of issues for me.

Might be worth to try...

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That did it! Thank you :) – boywithaxe Jun 19 '12 at 16:38

I had the same problem. It's caused by conky starting up before the window manager. Most solutions will have you set conky to start 30s after boot. I found a very nifty little script that works like a charm:

until ps -A | grep "gtk-window-deco"> test -n 
    sleep 1 
/usr/bin/conky --quiet --config=.conkyrc &

Simply copy that into a text editor and save it as '' (without quotes) into whatever directory suites you.

Then, add the path to the .sh file in 'Startup Applications'.

It works perfectly for me, and shows up right when you log in.


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FYI: I use Ubuntu 12.04 with the "GNOME Classic" desktop. There is no process gtk-window-deco, so I use the static delay. – Ingo Karkat Jun 21 '12 at 9:00

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