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In my office system, Ubuntu is configured for Active Directory authentication with Windows using likewise open. I have three issues.

  1. Each time when I switch on my system and some times when I restart, lightdm lists two users, Administrator (Ubuntu's default power user) and Guest user. So active directory accounts are not listed here. Why?

  2. I have to login with guest and then logout to have my active directory accounts listed in the lightdm greeter. What is the reason that active directory users are loaded after a local user is logged in and then logged out?

  3. After doing the step #2, I also get some additional users(accounts of network guys) probably those who once logged in via my machine. How to remove those undesired accounts to appear in lieghtdm user list?

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See How do I enable the "Other" user for login with Active Directory?. It doesn't answer 2 and 3 (not entirely), but I guess 2 might be related to the fact winbind has some startup time (try doing wbinfo -u after SSH to the box) and 3 is probably just that it lists all known users that logged in at some point.

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