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Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit installed DVD-RW recorder PATA as SCSI. My DVD-RW recorder is in /dev/sr0 as SCSI. I opened Disk Management and my IDE PATA drive is installed as SCSI. I can't use this drive because it hangs computer (I need to press reset button on CPU to get back to Ubuntu). What should i do to get the drive back to function correctly with the correct drive (IDE mode)? Also With the first(default) kernel version of the Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit , it was all functioning normally

Help me please.

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Did you tried booting from old kernel. And does the problem still exists from old kernel. – atenz Jun 18 '12 at 17:54

I solved the problem removing the PATA DVD-RW Recorder and putting a SATA DVD-RW Recorder in my machine.

The IDE chipset of the my motherboard is VIA, and uses the pata_via module. I believe that this module is with some bug, because it register some devices as SCSI, and then they don't function properly.

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