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How can I take union of two ods according to their column ?

What I want, more specificlly ;

  • first compare two ods according to column B
  • then merge them
  • if there is a intersection, ask me what to do


  • compare two ods files
  • notify which one has same name, according to column B

Can you recommend me a software, which is available in 12.04, in order to manage one of these wish?

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Rather than searching for a GUI tool, you may find it is quicker to export the data to character-delimited files and use the GNU tools for manipulating text files, like :

  • join
  • sort
  • diff

If you are not so inclined but don't mind spending a little money ($30), I find Beyond Compare 3 to be an excellent merge and compare tool, with a specific mode for data (although you'll still probably have to export to a CSV file).

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Scooter Software, I'm merely a happy user of their product on both Windows and Ubuntu.

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